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"AS a groom rejoices over his bride,

so your God will rejoice over you"--Isaiah 62:5

Does saying "I Do" in June, really mean being happy for the rest of your life? For as long as I can recall, June has been called " The Marriage Month." The word is out--when you marry in June you're a BRIDE all your life. As an Ordained Elder and a woman that loves and preaches God Word, I prayerfully ask all engaged couples to focus on this thought: "Something in your souls must know that marriage is sacred. It is God's design for all his human beings."

Because we are God's creations, He knows just what we need. So to all you giddy couples out there planning weddings this month, I want to give you more than the word "Congratulations!" I feel a duty to warn you "lovebirds" about the work involved in a healthy marriage and the potholes out there, waiting for you to fall into.

Whatever you may be thinking love is, there are some deeper cautions for your sincere considerations. Beyond those Fairytale romantic words you have spoken to each other, let God be at the center of your relationship. Fairytale romance will not stand up to life's harsh realities, but the Holy Spirit's power is greater than any hardship or challenge you will face as a couple. Try'll like what the Holy Spirit/God will bring to your marriage!

From my book entitled "What Schools Don't Teach About Love", you will discover more important words about love. Add it to your reading list for the summer. I believe it will prove to be a worthwhile investment. A marriage isn't just a glamorous, simple, mindless chore to accomplish. It's a faith walk two persons enter into with a desire to be together with God at the center, until death do you part. When you chase after a heart like that of Jesus Christ, marriage becomes a forever "messy grace"! Seek it with all your heart."

In a Loving Marriage, both persons refuse to be self-focused or demanding. Instead, they make a dedicated promise to find specific ways to serve, support, and encourage each other; even when they are busy or tired. That's hard to do without God in your hearts. Don't do a life nor marriage without HIM! ... God's Blessings to all you newlyweds!

Join me next month at The Caregiver's Closet for "July Fireworks!"

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