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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Greetings, my faithful readers! This month, I am going to address a subject all of us over 60, would rather postpone; "OLD AGE". During life's transition, our YOUNG LIFE structure seems to fade away faster than we would like, and an older one creeps in under disguise. I went to sleep one-night YOUNG and woke up the next day Old. I'm sure that's not the case, but it surely seems so. I truly didn't see myself "old" until my 80th birthday. That morning, I looked in the mirror and saw an "OLD" me staring back. So now, each time I look in a mirror, I see an "OLD" Me! Since I must adapt to this new image, I realize I must solidify, embrace, and enrich this new me. I now must give it new meaning and consideration because I can now see the grey hair and wrinkles CLEARLY, every day! My days are not wholly tranquil, nor free from stress, difficulties, and fast-moving change. Instead, the basic nature of life itself is invariably full of challenges. Life now has hit a high, or is it a low? In my younger days, I lived by the motto from my senior year of high school: "What I am to be, I am now becoming." What I am to be, I HAVE NOW BECOME- "OLD"! My body now has its own set of unique developmental tasks. Such as new bathroom calls! I won't elaborate on that. I'll leave it to your imagination. However, I will suggest that if you are over 65 years old, start collecting a supply of "Depends" NOW!

While the phrase " I'm old " is just becoming a reality for me at age 80, I recall my statement from years ago, "Old age is just a matter of the mind, if you don't mind, it doesn’t matter." The fact is "old age" doesn’t discriminate. Without a doubt, it is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. If you are fortunate enough to live pass the age of 65, the day WILL COME when you too will confess, either "OLD AGE IS HELL" or "OLD IS A BLESSING". Simply because, whether old or young, God has a purpose for each stage of our lives.

Each of us will go about our approach to old age in very diverse, very individual ways. The longer I live, the more I discover we do the tasks of getting old either "WELL" or "POORLY". If lived "well" we see it as a "blessing". If lived "poorly", we see it as a "curse". So, in this blog, I will share my view of both- Old age is Hell and Old age is a Blessing.

When "OLD AGE IS HELL": Face full of wrinkles, got a second chin, Hair is all gray, needs dying again. Don't quite remember these rolls being here, and when did my hips get so BIG and SQUARE? Eyesight is failing, hearing bout gone, Arms waving "BYE BYE", cause they've lost ALL their tone! Oh My Gosh!!!What happened to my chest? What used to point ONWARD now points South East and South West. Don't laugh at me, cause gravity will grab us all. What once was so perky, WILL take a BIG FALL. Arthur and Rhitis will both move in. Then Ben Gay and Icy Hot become your new best friends. They say that the memory is the first thing to go; Slowly forgetting all the good stuff that younger you know. Mother Nature can be cruel, this I have discovered well, so take it from me, OLD AGE HELL!

All the above gives us a chuckle, but here is the OTHER VIEW: "OLD AGE IS A BLESSING."

" God KEEPS us to TEACH us, so that what we learn, WE USE to teach others. "Old Age" is really THE BLESSING God allows us so we can share wisdom with others. He reminds us more than once in His Word that growing "old" is an honor. “Gray hair is a glorious crown.” (Proverbs 16:31). The more years we live, the more experiences we’re given to learn from, and the more wisdom and perspective we gain to see life in new and beautiful ways. When we see someone in their later years (or when we look in the mirror and it’s us!), let’s remember what a gift "OLD AGE" is.

And while the media leads us to believe that youth somehow have more value, God treasures us at EVERY AGE. Not only that, He gives us specific gifts to share with the world in every season of our lives. Paul reminds the older women of their great purpose–that by living reverent lives of love, self-control, purity and kindness, they will bless and nurture the hearts of the younger women and their families. (Titus 2:3-5 CSB). The generations to come depend on our willingness to share what God has given us: "His hand upon us, to make us careful for what we ask of Him." I close with a quote from Kenneth Copeland:

"When you enter the "REST OF GOD", YOU GET THE "REST OF GOD."

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You, until we meet next month at this same place!

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