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Can God Trust You With A Trial

In today's society, man has made a stand.

"Do what feels good" - take matters in your own hand.

When trials come, trust your own way,

Don't seek to hear what God has to say.

That's what the world will tell you to do,

Yet, God has so much more for you.

Can God really trust you with a trial?

Or do you live in false denial?

In times of trouble can you rest and submit,

To God's commands or do you just quit?

When sinful acts dim God's bright light,

Do you retreat, take flight, or stand and fight?

When evil prospers and the wicked reigns,

Can you stand on God's word and His promises sustain?

When trials come, don't cloud your mind,

Just rely on God, His blessings you'll find.

Just rejoice and know that Jesus Christ,

Will one day return and set things right.

God is available and adequate for all of your mess

But you must surrender and step-up to the test.


originally published 2005

Poetry from My Prayer Closet

Elaine J. Jones

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